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The doctors told her that her baby died – 69 years later she finally got to know her daughter

Genevieve Puriton from Tampa, Florida, lived all her life believing that she had no child. However, at when she was 88, a daughter whom she thought died at birth reappeared in her life.

She gave birth to her when she was 18 year old, but the doctors lied to her that the baby had died.

“I said I wanted to see the baby. They told me she died”, said the old woman who currently lives alone in a home for the elderly, as all her relatives died.

Last year a woman named Connie Moultroup, who was adopted as a baby, received a strange Christmas gift from her daughter: a DNA test package. Thanks to this, she could contact a person who had the same family name as her mother.

That’s how, after 69 years, the mother and the lost daughter could meet again. Heart breaking moments follow:

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