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October 25, magical day in the universe: the solar eclipse and the New Moon in the sign of Scorpio activate the portal that frees our souls

25 October is an incredibly special day, full of intense energies in the cosmos. Time stops in place for a brief period to unite divine light with the heart and soul. The Universe asks us to forgive the past in order to heal our pain and renew our lives.

The New Moon on October 25 comes with a powerful reset of energies from the Universe, giving us a new emotional perspective for future goals and plans. The Universe is sending us signs that we should pay attention to. This is a magical time for all of us as a powerful portal is opening that acts as a release of souls. The power is with us and we have the opportunity to heal hidden wounds, truly forgive, overcome obstacles and bring small joys into the present moment to discover real happiness, the one that really matters.

The energy of the New Moon can be felt approximately 48 hours before and 48 hours after its appearance, giving us nearly five days to take advantage of this healing portal.

New Moon in Scorpio on October 25

The New Moon on October 25 is in Scorpio, a sign with an incredible personality that loves mystery, fun and adventure. In astrology, Scorpio is a water sign with incredible inner strength that loves rebirth, transformation and spiritual growth. During this time, we are very focused on getting to the heart of problems so that we can solve them and cut the evil right at the root. We now can let go of everything that hurts, everything that we no longer need, so that we can make room for the new in our lives. We no longer fear anything at all – because healing nourishes hearts and gives love to souls.

Solar Eclipse: It’s always worse before it gets better

The solar eclipse on October 25 causes us to turn our attention to ourselves and forget about the rest of the world for a while. It brings with it karmic events, new beginnings and incredible revelations. We may discover interesting and new things about who we are and what we really want not only from the present moment, but also from the future. It may represent a new beginning for many of us.

During the eclipse period we may feel too much in our souls and we may be emotionally messed up, but it is important to remember that things are always worse before they get better. We need to accept what is happening, really understand ourselves, be patient with ourselves and work on who we are in order to bring peace and tranquility back into our lives.

The powerful energy that the Universe sends out to all people will bring out the dark parts so that we can free ourselves from the past and carve a new path into the future.

Eclipses are important events that challenge us to dig deep within ourselves so that we can heal all the pain and cut out the root of the evil and move on to the next cycle of our lives. The Solar Eclipse is also already paving the way for the Lunar Eclipse in November and preparing us for a brighter and more beautiful future.

Change can seem scary, but right now we can manifest our heart’s desires. We can get whatever we want, the important thing is not to give up easily. We can now transform ourselves spiritually and look with an open heart towards a more beautiful future.

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