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New Moon in Aquarius, 1 February 2022: new horizons

The New Moon in Aquarius on the 1st of February brings strong energy as it marks the beginning of the lunar new year. It is a time of new beginnings. It’s a time to clean up, clear away clutter of all kinds and accept new energy. We need a new mental setting. Any action we bring in now from the new energy will inspire new ways of perceiving reality, aligned ideas and mental clarity.

This energy is conducive to mental cleansing. It is recommended that we go into a mind detox and sit still, no longer allowing our mind to run wild.

There are fresh energies to this new moon but there are also some related warnings to keep in mind. Mercury will still be retrograde, so we can be a little patient when it comes to making bold leaps.

Mercury retrograde is a time for reflection and revisiting the past. It’s a time when subconscious patterns surface to be revisited. When Mercury is in retrograde, it feels like we are taking steps backwards rather than forward.

This retrograde energy will be short-lived, because from February 3 Mercury is in direct motion again. After this date, we can see the full effects and fresh energies of the new moons.

In the weeks ahead, we will find it easier to move forward and work on some of the goals and intentions we have set for the year.

Lessons and rewards brought by the New Moon in Aquarius

Another important factor is the influence of Saturn. Saturn is sometimes a harsh energy because it wants us to be responsible for ourselves and our actions. Sometimes it asks us to answer hard questions and make sure what we say we want and our behavior is in alignment.

Saturn can bring us life lessons, making us face a tough reality check at times. We may be forced to confront something we haven’t taken responsibility for in our lives, or face the challenges necessary to manifest our purpose.

When Saturn is involved, there is always an opportunity for growth and success. Saturn gives us hard lessons because it knows we can handle them. He gives us hard lessons so that we can continue to grow, move forward and have the life we are meant to have.

If you notice challenges or obstacles at the new moon in Aquarius, you must know that you are also given the strength to move past or through them. And that there will be rewards. Saturn always comes with rewards after the lessons it gives us.

We can also use this energy to keep working on what has been troubling us lately. If you’ve been going through something very challenging, this New Moon can bring support and help you find your way.

Saturn’s influence is a cosmic support for longevity, so long-term goals can be set at this New Moon. Saturn gives you the perseverance you need to pass the test of time.
If you want to make long-term commitments in your life, this New Moon is the perfect time to set intentions. After Mercury exits retrograde, it’s the perfect time to act on these intentions too.

Jupiter and Uranus: new horizons

Another cosmic force worth mentioning around this New Moon time is the harmonious alignment of Jupiter and Uranus. Uranus in harmony with Jupiter is a positive aspect that will help us move beyond limiting thoughts into an atmosphere of hope and abundance.

Under this New Moon in Aquarius, we can find answers to questions such as: How can I rearrange my mental settings in a new way? How can I clear limiting beliefs and doubts to make room for the new in my life? How can I expand into who I really am?

Uranus is the planet of awakening and, together with Jupiter, creates an opportunity for ‘aha’ moments and powerful insights.

Overall, the New Moon in Aquarius is about clearing our mental space so that we can expand into new horizons. With a clear mind, we can begin to see new opportunities and receive fresh insights.

There is so much to enjoy about this New Moon. Let’s take the time to bathe in these frequencies and allow them to move us in the best way possible.

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