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March 1 – the first new moon of spring brings happiness to sad hearts and peace to troubled souls

Spring is off to the best possible start, with a magical New Moon, full of positive vibes, optimism and happiness for us all. We now may turn our attention to small joys and choose to cultivate peace in our souls.

On 1 March 2022, in a sky already full of light, the Sun meets the Moon. At 9:24 we will have a beautiful, magical New Moon, charged with divine energy from the Universe, to herald spring and to bring happiness to our hearts and peace to restless souls.

The Universe is telling us to prepare for a time when our intuition will be heightened, our creativity will be enhanced, and our connection with ourselves will be deeper than ever.

The New Moon in Aries urges us to manifest our dreams

The New Moon on March 1 will rise in Aries, bringing with it a magical energy that will help us manifest all our dreams.

This period is dedicated to healing and, most importantly, is seen as one of the most powerful times to practice the art of manifestation. The sign of Aries is ruled by Saturn, the god of war in ancient mythology, seen as the bravest and the only one who could not be defeated by anyone. These days, we will not only be connected to our inner creativity, but also to the inner power within our soul. Everything we do now will stem from the desire to succeed.

The sign Aries is an incredibly powerful sign, which is yet very sensitive compassionate. The universe is sending us signals that this is a great time to focus on self-love and self-care. We can use the energy of this New Moon to establish a better relationship with ourselves, a relationship that is the starting point for confidence and success.

Aries is also known as a sign that acts and fights because it is ruled by Fire, the element of ambition, dynamism and courage. As a result, we will benefit from the power of heightened intuition, and we may also display a volcanic temperament: the dark side of the New Moon sometimes manifests with dark, heavy, difficult emotions.

We must, however, learn to work with this energy and listen to our intuition. This lunar transit is powerful enough to help us unlock some of our mental abilities. This is one of the most powerful new moons when it comes to extra-sensory perceptions, so we may find ourselves the recipients of a huge number of messages from the Universe.

The New Moon is the best time of the month to make wishes and see them fulfilled

Every New Moon has something special to offer, but this phase of March is a truly unique opportunity to advance our goals and turn our dreams into reality.

In the coming days we can see our incredibly big dreams come true. We just need to focus our energy on what we have to do, go our own way in life and appreciate the chances we are given by the Universe. Let’s start spring with patience and courage and with confidence that all will be well.

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