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How to keep cut flowers fresh for a longer time

Seasonal flowers have already filled the stands at markets and florists, and you can place beautiful bouquets around your home to revive the look of the rooms.

Here’s how to keep flowers fresh for a long time.

General recommendations

First, use a sharp knife to cut off about 3 cm from the stems, obliquely. Do not use scissors and do not break off the stems instead of cutting. If a stem is crushed or split, cut off the damaged part – in the water, these parts would be an ideal environment for bacteria, and the flower cannot absorb water properly.

Remove the leaves from the part of the stem that is going to reach in the water, and make sure that the vase is completely clean, also to prevent the development of harmful microorganisms.

The water in the vase should be at room temperature, should be taken directly from the tap, and should be changed daily.

Only 1/3 of the total length of the stalks should be in water.

How to keep cut flowers fresh for a longer time

How to keep flowers fresh longer: a few tips

Most flowers last longer if a copper coin is placed in the water, because copper prevents the multiplication of bacteria that cause rotting.

The lifespan of flowers will be doubled if you keep them in mineral water, which you change every 3 days.

A potato preserves the freshness of flowers for a much longer time. Drill a few holes into a raw potato, and insert the stems of the flowers into the holes. Place the potato on the bottom of the vase. Potato starch is absorbed by plants and increases their vitality.
Yellow flowers last longer than flowers of other colors.

How to keep cut flowers fresh for a longer time

How to keep seasonal flowers fresh longer

Daffodils, tulips and hyacinths last longer if, before placing them in water, you prick their stem with a needle. This way, they will absorb moisture more easily, and will stay fresh for a long time. A tablespoon of starch added to the water also helps them last longer.

Do not mix daffodils with other flowers. Daffodil stems contain a poisonous substance that immediately withers the other flowers in the vase. If you want to combine daffodils with other flowers, first place them in a separate pot of cold water for 24 hours.

Tulips should be placed in about 5 cm water to prevent them from forced flowering, and should be protected from direct sunlight.

A cube of sugar dissolved in the water of freesias will make all buds open.

Violets remain fresh longer if first completely submerged in cold water. After that, spray them frequently with a sprayer.

How to keep cut flowers fresh for a longer time

How to keep other flowers fresh longer

The ends of stems of roses and other woody stemmed flowers should be dipped in boiling water for a few minutes, before being placed in vases, so they can better absorb water.

Lilacs remain fresh longer if you peel the bark at the base of the stem to about 5 cm, and dip the end of the stems in hot water for 4-5 minutes.

Chrysanthemums, poppies and sunflowers remain fresh for a long time if you hold the cut end of the stems over the flame of a candle or a match before placing them in the vase.

Carnations last longer if the stem of the flowers is cut between the knots.

Gerberas need to stand in only about 5-6 cm of water, as the stem rots very quickly. It is recommended to cut off a little of the stem obliquely every day.

How to keep cut flowers fresh for a longer time

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