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Ceramic skillets can be extremely dangerous

Lately, more and more cooking enthusiasts choose to use ceramic skillets, which seem to be the healthiest cookware. Unfortunately, however, there are serious issues if this type of cookware starts chipping.

Ceramic skillets help us eat healthier

It is said that a ceramic skillet, even if it is more expensive, helps us prepare food as healthy as possible. Ceramics are in general recommended as a material that does not put our health at risk.

However, have you ever thought of what happens when these skillets crack, especially since some of the skillets are not made entirely of ceramics?

Aluminum gets into the body

In most cases, ceramic skillets are only coated with a layer of ceramic material, the rest being aluminum, lead or cadmium. According to scientists, metals are used to make the dishes as resistant as possible.

When these metals begin to shed particles, they will get into the food and then into the body. Lead, as we all know, causes severe disorders from stomach pain and headaches to infertility and other complications.

Never heat up the skillet without fat

To prevent damage to a ceramic skillet, be careful never to leave it on the hot stove without fat. Also, never leave metal utensils in a ceramic skillet and never cut food in the skillet with a knife.

When you clean the skillet, first soak it and use a sponge to avoid scratching the surface. If the skillet is stained, warm up a little vinegar in it, and then gently wash with dishwashing detergent.

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