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After 10 years of marriage and 3 children, the wife had a DNA test. She was shocked when she saw the results

Colorado woman Celina Quinones decided to get a DNA test to find out more about her family. She received results that turned her life upside down.

Celina and Joseph Quinones had known each other for 17 years and had been married for more than 10 years when she decided she wanted to know more about her past and her ancestry.

The mother of three made a shocking discovery when she received the DNA test results – her husband Joseph was also her cousin.

After the discovery, which came as a surprise to them all, she shared more details on TikTok. She explained how she and her husband had discovered that they were more than just a married couple.

“My husband and I got married in 2006. Without thinking, we had three children. And after all this time, we had to find out that we were related, that we were cousins,” she said.

Celina, who has also written a book about her experiences, joked that the news was a “good icebreaker”, but urged other couples to look up their ancestors.

After 10 years of marriage and 3 children, the wife had a DNA test. She was shocked when she saw the results
Source: Joseph Quinones/Facebook

Within a short time, the video attracted record views and some people made negative comments about the couple continuing their relationship, saying they should definitely break up.

The moment she first discovered that her husband was also her cousin was described by Celina as “devastating”, but she said their love is stronger than ever and they completely ignored the negative comments encouraging their divorce.

“I had three children when I found out we were related. In 2016, the results of my DNA test were devastating and all I could ask my husband was, ‘Honey, we’re related, can we stay together? It’s weird,” she said.

“At the time, I was very frightened by this realisation. But I wouldn’t trade this relationship for anything in the world… Husband and wife for life! There is a reason why good couples are alike. I just shared all this with you to raise awareness!” Celina added.

“My kids and husband are all I have and I’m over the initial shock. Besides, our kids have all 10 fingers and 10 toes!” Celina revealed.

She also revealed that she had no idea they were related when she and Joseph first met and dated for four months before getting engaged.

“I have been with my husband for 17 years. No, I didn’t know until I did a DNA test. We were in a relationship for four months before we got married. He is and will always be everything to me. I will not let a little blood destroy everything I have created, this beautiful family,” Celina explained.

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