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According to science, a trip with friends is good for health

We are almost all willing to spend money on our health. Of course, a healthy salad or a gym membership is a good investment, but we can do much more fun things that have a good impact on our health, including traveling.

But most people, unfortunately, do not spend enough time on holiday. In the United States, a survey conducted in 2015 revealed that more than half of working Americans did not take out all of their paid vacation days.

Holidays are often postponed either because we are afraid to take a break from work or because we think we can’t afford a break. However, it has been confirmed again: relaxation and travel are very important, especially when we are accompanied by our friends.

The website Southern Living recently reported that traveling with friends improves overall mental and physical well-being, which is no wonder: such trips are energizing and ensure quality time and good experiences, which everyone needs after many months of continuous work.

According to science, a trip with friends is good for health
Photo: Pixabay

Good friendships are a key part of everyday life too: those who have some real good friends are able to cope more easily with stress and trauma, and their overall satisfaction level is also higher. In addition, friendships are good for us physically: Mayo Clinic’s report shows that people who enjoy good friendships are less likely to be depressed or at risk of developing high blood pressure.

One of the best investments in our life is to create a good, strong circle of friends, says William Chopik, psychologist at the Michigan State University.

The other side of the coin is much more sad: People leading a lonely life, without close friends, usually die earlier.

Traveling has proven to have a good impact on our health. Forbes reports that women who take advantage of their holidays are less tense and tired, and enjoy their marriage more. A better overall well-being also has a good effect on work performance. For men, regular travel has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 32 percent.

In conclusion, traveling with our friends is a real win-win situation! Spring is here, so gather your best friends, find a good destination and start packing!

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