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4 toxic phrases you should never say to your partner

Many people make mistakes that turn out to be a sneaky way to ruin a relationship.

Even the happiest relationships can be ruined by these seemingly harmless yet toxic phrases.

Nowadays many relationships are very fragile, but often the parties don’t realize this until it’s too late. Not only big fights, but also small insults, putdowns and remarks can leave their mark on love and slowly destroy it.

Couples often don’t realize how damaging some of the seemingly harmless things they say to each other can be. But they are slowly but surely destroying the relationship, so it’s best to avoid them.

Toxic phrases in a relationship

My boyfriend/girlfriend’s partner handles this differently

Comparisons are harmful in all walks of life, including relationships. If someone is constantly comparing his or her partner to other, it may very well end badly. It is insulting and hurtful to the other person, and it can make them feel that they are much better than them, or even that their partner wants someone like them instead. It is best to avoid such phrases if you want to maintain a strong relationship with your partner in the long term.

Why can’t you just let it go?

Problems can take time to resolve and work through, and there are some difficulties that one party may be much slower to get over. This is something the other person has to accept, take seriously and work through together.

You should not force your partner to simply let the problem go, because this sends the message that you are not taking you partner seriously enough, or you are not listening. Letting go can be helped by honest, open discussion, apologizing and acknowledging mistakes, but even if it doesn’t seem to be possible at a moment, you should never trivialize a problem.

If you could just calm down, everything would be fine

Telling your partner to calm down will do the opposite and only make them more upset. When your partner hears this phrase, they may think that they are too much for the person they love and cannot share their feelings with them. In the long run, this leads them to become distant, withdrawn, and afraid to talking anything that might be upsetting or problematic for them.

Give me an example!

In arguments, it is often the case that one party asks the other to prove what they are talking about, giving an example of when something happened.

This habit is terribly damaging, because it is effectively means that you are asking your partner to prove that what they are saying is true, that they are not lying or imagining something, and that they are not just making unfounded accusations. This kind of behavior can potentially destroy relationships.

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