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That’s why tall men are so special! Ladies, this is very important for you to know!

What is the secret of a happy marriage? Height! At least according to a study. Yes, you read it right. Research suggests that women are more attracted to tall men, and this choice will more likely lead to a happier and healthier relationship.

A 2017 study dealt with this topic. The researchers surveyed more than 8,000 participants and, as a result, drew a direct correlation between the height of men, the satisfaction of their wives and the happiness of the marriage.

What does this mean exactly?

The fact that the husband is taller than his wife, means a healthier relationship.

Evolutionary Biology and Psychology

Perhaps not surprisingly, the findings focus on evolution. But of course, psychology also plays a huge role.

That's why tall men are so special! Ladies, this is very important for you to know!

Protection and security

Evolution is of key importance here. Taller men were always more successful in protecting their companions and offspring against any threats to their environment.

Strength and dominance

If a man is taller than his partner, it means he is the stronger and dominant party, so he can provide adequate protection. Ultimately, this is good for his ego and the relationship can be more balanced.

It’s encrypted in our genes

Regardless of what happened in the pre-historic times, the explanation is accurate, since this kind of attitude is literally written in our DNA.

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