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How to choose a ripe and tasty watermelon

In the heat of the summer, no other fruit is as juicy and sweet as a fresh slice of watermelon – if you know how to choose the ripest and sweetest one. Once harvested, a watermelon stops ripening, so it is important to choose one that is just perfect at the moment of purchase.

Here’s how to select a fragrant watermelon every time

Tricks to keep in mind when buying watermelon

A skin that is deep green instead of yellowish or lighter green indicates ripeness.

Look at the bottom of the watermelon or the part that was in contact with the soil during ripening. If it is creamy or yellow, the watermelon is ripe. If it is light green or white, it is not ready for consumption.

Lightly tap the skin. If the sound you hear is deep and hollow, the watermelon is ripe.

A dry stalk also means ripeness. Also, if there is a yellow area on the skin with a spider’s web-like pattern, the watermelon is sweet and good to eat.

Regardless of the size of the watermelon, it must feel heavy. The heavier it is, the more water it contains, and the juicier and more delicious it is.

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