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Horoscope for 12.12.2022: Divine gifts and Karmic opportunities on the day that opens the portal of renewal, when the impossible becomes possible

On 12.12.2022 the last and most powerful Portal of the year opens, the one that bears the figure of perfection, of the closing of one stage and the beginning of another, of renewal and the fulfillment of our deepest desires. Get ready for this day and discover in the article below how you can use the energy of this portal and the Angelic Number (divine repeating number) 12.

12 – Divine Number of the end of one stage and the beginning of another

It is for a good reason that 12 is the number that attests to the completion of a stage in our lives, in this repetitive cycle in which we try to evolve with each new beginning.

Since ancient times, the number 12 has been of major importance for many reasons, in numerological, mathematical, archetypal and spiritual sense.

12 is one of the most common numbers in numerology and world cultures; it is all around us and in our daily lives. The calendar of the year is divided into 12 months, the clock face is divided into 12 hours, there are 12 archetypal signs of the zodiac (in both European and Chinese), Jesus chose 12 apostles, there were 12 Israelite tribes in Judaism, and 12 imams are mentioned in Islam.

We now have the opportunity to meditate on this stage that we are ending, in whatever area of our lives we feel this ending most strongly. Perhaps the time has come for a very important decision, when we are at a crossroads and have to make a choice. Maybe we have completed a project or lost something dear to us and now it is time to move on.

12 also urges us to think about the near future, about new beginnings, about new paths to take. It is very important to listen to our spiritual and soul calls, to listen to our intuition and not to start on a path that may bring us many benefits but does not please us. It is crucial to align our destiny with our deep inner values.

12.12 – ending or recycling Karmic energies?

Karmic energies can be ours or we can inherit them. They represent the most important and painful life lessons we need to assimilate in order to evolve spiritually. Without accepting and learning them, karmic energies will repeat themselves over and over again until they are extinguished.

If you have sensed a pattern in some aspect of your life (perhaps the circle of toxic love relationships that keep repeating, perhaps a salary or material pattern that you are unable to break out of, etc.), then look more closely in these directions to discover the lesson being sent to you.

The energy of 12 can break the repeating karmic cycle if you assimilate that lesson now. Or it can recycle karmic energy over and over again until you take that spiritual step.

Karmic energies are difficult to overcome because, on the one hand, they are painful and, on the other, they require big, radical, life-shattering changes.

However, 12.12 is also the day when you can end a spiritual cycle in your life. Keep in mind that the energy of this day begins and ends with a margin of two days before and after it occurs.

If you have important changes to make in your life, now is the time.

12.12 – Double dose of the energy of this Angelic Number

Angelic signs are coming at us through various avenues. Either we observe the same number over and over again, or we pass through a numerological portal, such as 12.12.2022, or we receive divine messages through dreams.

The Angelic number 12 conveys a message of awareness and awareness at the same time. It’s time to be more aware of the present and to connect to our own and those around us. It is time to know how to ask and at the same time know how to give, and the Universe will open the doors we need. With a clean heart and good intentions, we can make the present better and our lives more harmonious.

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