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Do you drink soft drinks straight from the can? 4 reasons to avoid this habit

It can be really refreshing to snap open a can of soft drink and take a sip from the can right away.

Of course, we all know that most soft drinks are full of sugar and even those that are sugar-free are not healthy, but drinking soft drinks straight from the can pose additional health risks.

1. E. coli

The cans are obviously sealed very tightly, and nothing can get into the drink from the environment. Another question is, however, what impurities the cans have come into contact with, which will come in contact with your mouth when you drink straight from the can.

In a 2017, a team of researchers examined a variety of soda cans collected from gas stations, vending machines and supermarket shelves, and they found that a number of cans were contaminated with E.coli, which can cause serious infectious diseases.

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2. Rodents

Anything on or near the floor of a grocery store, a warehouse or any storage unit is likely to come into contact with mice and rats. Therefore, cans are likely to be contaminated by rodent urine and feces.

3. Harmful bacteria

A Texas TV channel aired a show to demonstrate how contaminated canned soft drinks may be.

They selected several cans of pop of major brands and examined the pathogens on the surfaces of the cans. As a result, they discovered new bacteria that were given infamous names such as Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, Pseudomonas luteola or Enterobacter colacae, which can cause nasty diseases.

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