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5 signs that it is lust, not love

Many of us tend to fall love head over heels a very short time after we meet an attractive stranger. We hardly want to take our hands off the other, and we are bursting with excitement and happiness. Over time, however, one may start wondering whether the feelings are really love or just a sudden flare-up. How is it possible to make a difference between love and lust?

Pay attention to the following signs of physical attraction that lacks deeper attachment.

1. The connection is very physical in nature

Think about your partner. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? What attracted you first when you met him? Was it his kindness and humor, or his six-pack stomach?

2. You can’t think of anything positive in your relationship other than intimacy

Intimacy is fantastic, but apart from that you have nothing in common: no common interests and hobbies, completely different musical tastes… You barely know anything about his past and life in general, and vice versa.

5 signs that it is lust, not love

3. You spend most of your time together in bed

You rarely date or plan a joint program outside of lovemaking and watching movies. You may have never appeared in public together. Once you had love, you don’t know what else you can do together.

4. Although intimacy is good, it does not completely satisfy you

The physical part of your relationship simply wonderful; however, as soon as it is over, you feel a sense of void. You feel like you are missing something, and you do not want to spend a lot of time with him.

5. You don’t want to introduce him to any of your friends

You can’t visualize a common future with him at all, and you feel uncomfortable when it comes to introducing him to your circle of friends or take him home to meet your family.

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